Thomas Eyles

Curriculum Vitae


I am passionate about web design and development, though I am not studying this, I know a lot about web development.

In 2015, I renovated Lolnet NZ's website. Take a look at it here.

I also have a project that I am developing called Zeus OS. Basically, it's made to emulate an operating system that can run on any device with a browser.


I am looking at finishing my studies in mid-2016. I am currently studying a Bachelors of Commerce with majors in Accounting and Economics at Victoria University of Wellington.

I plan to get my Chartered Accountant qualification once I leave university and I plan to work as an accountant, hopefully in advisory. Though, I am also very interested in Economics.


I have worked various jobs over my life. Most recently I was working at Victoria University of Wellington as a Head Tutor.

Before that, I have worked as a house painter and delivered the paper round when I was younger.

Volunteer Employment

I have performed many, many volunteer jobs. Currently, I work at Aspect of Gaming which is a not-for-profit organisation which organises large gaming events all over New Zealand. Check out my profile on Aspect of Gaming.

I have also done volunteer work through the university such as being class representative for multiple classes and have also done community services through Scouting New Zealand.

Still Reading?

It's great to see you are still reading, for a full up-to-date CV, please contact me.